Monday, November 14, 2011

Alice in Wonderland Party - The Details

Kellyn wanted an Alice in Wonderland theme for her 5th birthday and I ran with it. I may have gone a little over the top, but it was fun and a one time thing. So I hired Stephanie Southard, a fellow Liberty Christian School graduate and Aggie, to photograph the party. I figured that way we could get a family picture taken for our Christmas card and Kellyn's 5 year old pics too all at once as silly as they may be. 

I got all the signage and printables from Poshtique Designs on I put this on the front door to direct people to enter through the side gate. 

We glued rabbit footprints on stones and lined them in the grass (also party of the printable package).

I made this cute sign myself and Kellyn put her Alice in Wonderland stickers on it. We nailed it to the fence by the gate entrance.

The rabbit hole was one of the pop out kid tunnels. 

This is the tree in our front yard where we stapled the signs and hung the pinata. 

My dad made this Pin the Smile on the Cheshire Cat game. 
It is felt with laminated smiles with Velcro on the back. He is so smart and creative!

My friend, Kelly, gave me this beautiful mini chandelier to give to Kellyn so I hung it in the tree. It is now hanging inside her Princess Tee Pee in her room. 

Extra Large Playing Cards hung from the tree. 

Meghan Henderson made all these adorable little hats. 

I borrowed this awesome, vintage croquet set from a friend's parents. 

I got these cookies from That's the Cake Bakery here in Carrollton, well, actually Castle Hills, Lewisville. 

Pink rose teapot with dormouse inside. 

Kellyn and I painted the roses red.

Max and I got engaged during Mardi Gra and had all these beads for years so I draped them over these little Easter trees I found in the dollar section at Target.

My friend, and fellow Liberty Christian School graduate, Robin Gibson, made the cake. I could not love it more!!

I hung Kellyn's bed canopy in the tree to drape around her chair. 

You can look on my Pinterest Board to see my inspirations. 

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