Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kellyn's Mermaid Party

I can't reiterate enough just how busy the month of October is for us every single year. Kellyn turned 6! That's right 6 years old, this month! She wanted a pool party in October! So I called around and visited the few indoor pools available in our are and decided to have it at the Coppell Aquatics and Recreation Center. They were the nicest and had a good price and a fun slide and a party room with a refrigerator. 
It was so fun and easy!

Max was trying to be King Triton. I love him for even think of it. He's such a fun dad. 


Rhett playing in the little kid play area. 

Kellyn and Kylie :)

I had Rhett be a pirate since Sister was mermaid. :) 

My brother got him for me. That was the most contact they've ever had. 

I had little mermaid cut outs laying on the table along with mini tin buckets of markers. 

Of course my friend, Robin Gibson of Robin's Cakes and Bakes, made the cake once again. 

Treasure box with pineapple (gold).
Clams with pearls: cookies, icing, gum ball.

Mermaid tails made out of beach towels 
that went on clearance at the end of the season. Use rubber bands to tie tails. 
And we played pin the tail on the mermaid. 

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