Sunday, May 6, 2012

The First Week of May

Besides playing with baby Lauren everyday we have been busy playing outside. 

Kellyn is back to riding her back again even though she is still on training wheels. She loves her scooter so much we have to make her ride her bike, but when she does she loves it. It could be another year before she let's go of those dang training wheels, but we'll just wait until she is ready. 

We find bugs all the time. Kellyn found this caterpillar and opened Rhett's hand and put it in his hand for him so he could hold it and see it himself. Such a sweet big sister. His hand is purple because we had been making hand prints with purple ink. 

They love going to the park and Rhett can swing in a big kid swing now. I'm sad that once that Texas heat comes back it will be too unbearable to get out unless there is water involved. 

Now that Lauren is feeling better I'm able to set her down more and when I do the kids just gather around her and laugh and giggle and tickle her. 

Rhett's been using his balance bike more. On this day he chose to wear his rain boots. 

We had our first snow cone of the season the first week of May! I thought it was funny how the color of their snow cones matched their outfits. 

We have played Zingo a lot this week! Too much really. I need a break from Zingo, but Rhett has gotten really good at it. 

Rhett's last day of Gymboree :(

And any good start to the summer involves sand and bubbles. 

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