Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rhett's Beach Ball Party - Part 1: The Details and Decorations

The invitations

My dad cut the wood for the yard sign and I painted it. 

I ordered this string of beach ball lights and the beach ball cups from Oriental Trading Company. The kids loved seeing their name on their cups. 

I found these doorway hangers along with the table cloths at the 99c store. 

I made a beach pail cake. Some people thought it was really sand and that it was just a table decoration.  I bought the cupcakes at That's the Cake Bakery because I had a Groupon and decided not to attempt something so detailed myself. I think they turned out super cute and my cake was delicious. I served it using the shovel. 

Beach ball plates and napkins

I hung large beach balls in all the trees. And we planted some pretty flowers in pots around the trees. 

Beach Ball Balloons

 The Party Favors: Saind Pails filled with sunglasses, bubbles, and a seed in a pot to grow at home.

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  1. Such cute ideas! Looks like he had a ton of fun!